Temporary vehicle reservations will be required, between May 20, 2022 and September 30, 2022 to enter the park between 6 am and 4 pm in your personal vehicle.
The National Park Service has announced that a temporary vehicle reservation system will be put in place for the summer of 2022 between May 20 and September 30. Unlike previous years, this is not because of COVID-19, but due to construction projects in Yosemite National Park. This means that the restrictions will only be required during the peak visitation periods – from 6 am to 4 pm. Outside those times, you can still visit the park without a vehicle reservation/day-use pass this year.
If you’re planning a visit to Yosemite this summer, here’s what you need to know about:
What’s New about Day-Use Reservations in 2022?
Yosemite National Park has been requiring additional reservations to enter the park during the summer and other crowded times for two years now. However, each year, the system changes slightly. So, for those of you who are familiar with the previous year policies – make sure you’re updated on a few key changes to the reservation system this year.
Reservations are only required for peak-use times between 6 am and 4 pm each day. If you enter the park before 6 am, you can stay for the day. Note that there is no camping in the park outside of designated campgrounds. So, if you enter after 4 pm, you can’t just “sleep in your car” until the next morning, but you can stay as late as you want.
Reservations are required for all travel through the park during peak hours, even if you aren’t planning on stopping. If you plan to drive through and don’t have a reservation, just be sure to arrive at the gate before 6 am or after 4 pm.
All early reservations for the summer become available at 8:00 am on March 23, 2022. In previous years there was a complicated phased roll-out for different times. This year, it’s simpler. If you want to enter Yosemite during peak use periods, you need to be ready to make the reservation at 8 am Pacific Time on March 23, 2022.
Do you even need reservations for Yosemite?
Before you go to the trouble of getting a temporary vehicle reservation for peak hour day-use, make sure you actually need one. Many Yosemite day-use visitors will find that they already have permission to enter the park at any time through some other reservation or permit system.
NEW for 2022: Remember, this year you also need to get a reservation if you want to drive through the park without stopping during the peak times.
Here are a bunch of ways to avoid needing to get a vehicle reservation for day-use:
1. Visit before May 20 or after September 30, 2022.
If you’re planning a trip before or after the dates when the reservation system is in place, you can simply pay the entrance fee at the gate and enjoy the park. No day-use vehicle reservations are required. And there is no doubt that there is plenty to see and do in the early spring, late fall, and winter months when the park is naturally quieter.