My name is Irene Kranenburg and my husband and I moved to Austin, TX about 30 years ago from the Netherlands. In 2014 we moved to a little town, called Las Vegas, NM. A couple of years ago we started camping in the western United States, and we became very enthusiastic about American campgrounds. I also noticed the enormous number of motor homes manned by Europeans. When I looked into these rental prices and the gasoline they use, it started to dawn on me that there could be an alternative to this way of traveling. And once you start thinking about a thing, the mere interaction with people drives you in a direction. I found out you could actually rent tent equipment, something totally unbeknownst to me. Once I started researching this I came up with the idea of spreading this around to web readers around the world.

I hooked up with Lower Gear out of Tempe, AZ, and he agreed to have his rental site linked to my site. As a thank you for the referrals, he will give me a slight referral fee, provided he is informed by you, the Renter. He has been in business for over 10 years, and I actually flew out to meet him before setting this up.

I am an enthusiastic traveller and camper. I am always prepared to answer any questions you might have or help out during your trip.

Also, when you camp in a tent, you meet so many more hospitable people than when you are in a motor home.