Camping in the USA

Why do we like camping in the USA so much?

National Monument Valley

Traveling and camping in America corresponds very well with what many find appealing about the USA: a pervasive sense of freedom, unlimited space, and gorgeous nature. Camping connects you best to the awesome outdoors of the USA. Unless you are in a desert area the climate is very suitable for camping. 

The campsites are spacious. Each site is usually equipped with a large picnic table and a bench, a barbecue grill, and a fire pit. You usually can choose between a site with or without electricity and water.

Campsites run around $25 per night. Inexpensive motel rooms cost $50-$60, but don’t include breakfast, and the rooms are often dreary, the beds saggy. Rooms in more upscale hotels cost $100 and up.


The combination of renting a car and camping is ideal. Gasoline is relatively inexpensive, around $ 4.05 per gallon(3.785 liter). A rental car might cost on a typical 2500-mile holiday trip $800 total rental fee and gas, and a camper around $3,000. And with the relatively new strict luggage regulations of one suitcase per person it makes even more sense.

 You can either buy your equipment in the US, or rent it. Renting your equipment has several advantages. The first one is cost: Even if you spend your whole first day in the USA looking for the cheapest gear, you will spend MORE than if you rent. The second is quality. The rental company has in its assortment tents, sleeping bags, etc., that are graded highly in consumer test comparisons. Most tents in discount stores are inexpensive, but they usually rate poorly in regards to ventilation, protection against storm and rain, zippers snagging, ground sail ripping, etc.
The tents and accessories are being supplied by Lower Gear. If you would like to see a detailed list of the camping gear that has been supplied, please click here.
We get feedback from other campers, unlike Walmart. On top of that: just email us. We have the Woodall’s camping guide right next to our computer, plus lots of links to camping forums which are scouted daily.

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